How does Synchronisation work?

By applying  for Valleyarm’s synchronisation service, you’re granting Valleyarm the right to represent your musical work for non-exclusive synchronisation with Television, Film and Marketing productions worldwide. Valleyarm will present your content to the appropriate parties through our Synchronisation networks and, where successful, complete all relevant paperwork for the non-exclusive synchronisation agreement on your behalf.

You will be informed of the selection and forwarded 50% of the initial payment. All mechanical royalties from airplay will be directed to the appropriate parties by the PPCA. If your song is considered for an exclusive deal, Valleyarm will contact you with the details to gauge your interest. It is important to remember this deal will restrict your ability to license the work in the future so exclusive synchronisation should cme with careful consideration and appropriate remuneration.

As per your contract,  any synchronisation deals created from directly approaching an organisation Valleyarm have sourced you an offer from are still considered the work of Valleyarm and the 50% synchronisation split remains payable.

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